Unlock-the-Secrets-to-Perfect-Smoked-BBQ-on-a-Weber-Grill | A-step-by-step-Guide.php

Unlock-the-Secrets-to-Perfect-Smoked-BBQ-on-a-Weber-Grill | A-step-by-step-Guide.php


Join us on a mouthwatering journey as we reveal our unique smoking technique using wood chips on a Weber grill. Watch as we prepare perfectly smoked chicken and sausages that will make your taste buds dance with joy. This isn't just a barbecue; it's an art form. Whether you're a grilling enthusiast or simply love great food, this guide is for you. Follow our step-by-step instructions to master the art of smoking and impress your friends and family with delicious, smoky flavors. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more delectable recipes and grilling tips!

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Serves: 6 Prep time: 20 Minutes Cook time: 20 Minutes Ready in: 40 Minutes

Nutrition: Calories 431 Carbs: 2g Protein: 40g Fat: 30g

Chicken Pieces
Pork Bangers or Sausages
Seasoning - Chicken Spice, or Steak and Chop Spice
Wood Chips - Two hands full. Preferably fine, and not coarse.

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Prepare the Wood Chips: Using a small bucket, soak the wood chips in very little water. The chips should be barely moist, but not soggy. This step is crucial if you're using oak-flavored or wine barrel-flavored sawdust as soaking enhances the unique flavors. It also reduces the heat of the simmering coals, gradually increasing as the chips dehydrate.
Season the Chicken: Lightly spice the chicken pieces. The keyword here is lightly because you want the flavors of the smoked wood chips or barrel sawdust to infuse the meat.
Prepare the Grill: Once your wood has burned out and your coals are ready, sprinkle a handful of soaked wood chips evenly over the glowing embers. Arrange your meat on the grill, leaving small spaces in between for circulation. Wait till the wood chips start to smoke, then place the grill on the Weber and cover with the lid. Open the damper slightly to allow some of the smoke to escape—very slightly.
Relax and Monitor: Grab a beer, glass of wine, or soda, and sit back and relax. Play ball with your dog, or practice your kite flying skills. But never leave a fire unattended. Ensure someone is watching while you fetch a beer or prepare the salad.
Turn the Meat: Ten minutes later, remove the lid and set it aside. Turn your meat, flip it to the reverse side. Repeat steps 3 and 4, sprinkling your next handful of sawdust over the embers, and replace the lid.
Serve and Enjoy: Ten minutes later, remove, serve, and enjoy. Revel in the glory of the applause, cheers, and praises from your family and friends. Watch your dog's eyes, pleading for anything. They can smell the deliciousness from the grill miles away. Be kind, and share this recipe with everyone. They deserve to know your secrets.
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